Who Will Win Hume's Recycling Collection Contract?

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Who Will Win Hume's Recycling Collection Contract?

Post  Stevo on Sun 09 Aug 2009, 10:59 am

The way things are going, Hume is really annoyed bad with TPI, due to the fact of missed bins and other issues too. I know for a fact, when the contract comes up for tender again, if TPI tenders again and hopes to win it, they won't get it. TPI is going to lose Hume around september-december somewhere (according to 1 of the drivers). Here's some companies who i believe will express their interest in the contract:

Thiess Services

1 Of my mates thinks JJR mite not go for it at all, but i shudn't really rule them out as they mite have intentions to fight for it. I know for a fact Thiess will try and get it. I seriously think Visy could nail it again as b4 the 3 bin Hume set up, Visy won the contract to collect the recycle crates. I don't know if Hume was happy with Visy. If JJR were to win Hume, i'd be over the moon happy!. Who do you think will win Hume? bounce

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